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Summer, especially in Florida, is a great time to leave the heat and humidity behind and travel to (hopefully) places with a little cooler weather. Before traveling, I do recommend to send a copy of your health care surrogate and living will to your surrogates and back up surrogates. If something happens to you and you are injured on your trip, you want to make sure your trusted ones have the information and forms they need to make sure you are taken care of. You can mail them a copy or email them a copy and they can secure the document in a safe place.

You don’t need necessarily to send them a copy of your power of attorney, will, or trust. The power of attorney (in Florida) is good when it’s signed, and is not based on if you are competent or not. It’s a very powerful document. You may just want to let your power of attorney know you have this document and where it’s located, but don’t send them a copy. A copy is as good as the original. Your Will and/or Trust are sensitive documents as well and should not be freely sent out while you are still living.

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