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Lesson 1 – Don’t wait

The first lesson I have is – DON’T WAIT. It’s easy to think you’re invincible (me included), but I have seen
multiple times clients are in the middle of the estate planning process, but never execute their
documents. The new documents do not count. I also hear at least monthly “well dad (or mom or my
friend) told me he wanted….” This is also not legally enforceable. Unless something is signed in
accordance with Florida Statutes, then it is not legally enforceable and your wishes will (likely) not be

Lesson 2 – Don’t forget

The next lesson is – don’t forget about your estate. It’s easy to draft and sign your estate planning
documents and think “I’m done adulting and don’t need to worry about this anymore”. But then,
someone dies, someone marries, or a new baby is born, etc.. etc.. etc.. and your first thought is not “let
me update my estate plan.” I would suggest to review your documents every year or two and make sure
it is still what you want.

Lesson 3 – Talk with your people

I have dozens of lessons – but the next most important I’d like to emphasize on this blog is to have
conversations with your Trustee/Personal Representative, health care surrogate, etc… Your
Trustee or Personal Representative should have a basic idea of the responsibility they are undertaking
and it can give them an opportunity to ask questions about your estate and assets. Likewise you want to
talk to your health care surrogate and living will surrogate about what your last wishes would be and
your current health information. You want to make sure it’s a job they can mentally handle too.

Estate planning is a necessary topic to think about and consider often. An experienced trust and will
attorney can put their experience to work for you and advise you on your best options in your
circumstance.  Call us today and let your exoerience guide you on your best options.